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The 8 most beautiful excursions – less than 45 minutes by car from Morges !

nearby excursions for autumnal season from maison Igor in Morges

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Autumn is here ; the time of year when the weather is still mild and where the landscape changes into the most beautiful colors. 

Especially for you, we have selected 8 of the most beautiful excursions near Morges. Discover the nearby region with your loved ones, enjoy the last days of warm weather and take in the wonderful sight of unforgettable sunsets.

Let’s go !

From Lac de Bret towards Tour de Gourze

Park at the end of Lac de Bret (« Pierre Vieille »). From there, head towards « La Corbessière » by following the signs that lead to Tour de Gourze.

After 3.5 kilometers of walking that includes an elevation of about 300 meters, you’ll reach Tour de Gourze in roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes. From here you have a magnificent view of the wonderfully colored landscape ; a mix of forests, fields and the Lavaux-Vindeyards… not to mention the majestic, snow covered Alps and the extensive Lake Geneva stretching as far as the eye can see.

By the way, the Tour de Gourze restaurant is known to serve a fabulous cheese fondue. But please, don’t overdo it, because you must still head back to Bret… of foot !

From Vufflens-le-Château to Morges

Do you like peaceful autumn-walks through historical landscapes and forests ? This nice stroll from Vufflens-le-Château to Morges, along the river « La Morges », takes you back down to Lake Geneva. 

Park at the Morges train station, or take the bus directly in front of our hotel. From there, board the train that comfortly takes you to Vufflens-le-Château for the walk back down towards Morges. Of course, you can also do this trip in the opposite direction ; walk up, ride down.

This very charming excursion is suitable for the entire family – even with young children. It takes you through fields, forests and vineyards… always along the small river « La Morges ». From Vufflens-le-Château, count about 1h30 for the roughly 3 kilometers walk. 

Don’t forget your camera !

To Tour de Gourze, from Riex

Onwards and upwards !

From the winegrowers’ village of Riex in the Lavaux region, this is a nice climb through vast vineyards, fields and small bits of forest leading up to one of the highest viewpoints in the area ; Tour de Gourze !

The steady climb of 450 meters takes about 1.5 hours. This ascent is physical cardio-training pure. Try to beat the 45 minutes it takes experienced folks !

As the climb is relatively steep, good shoes are recommended… so are walking poles.


The Cascades du Day waterfalls, from “Les Clés”

Departing from the beautiful little village of « Les Clées » – near the town of Orbe – this peaceful stroll along the river Orbe will take you to the impressive Cascades du Daywaterfalls. Along the way you’ll experience a surprising change of scenery !

As you enter the village of « Les Clées », you’ll find convenient parking in front of the church. From there turn right, walk down the chemin Les Crosets and cross the bridge at the bottom. Then turn right again and keep going straight ahead towards the Cascades du Daywaterfalls.

The walk from the village of « Les Clées » to the Cascades du Day waterfalls takes about 1 hour. The distance of the round trip measures 6.5 kilometers. When autumn is here, and with all the trees in their magnificent colors, the view along the small forest path is simply breathtaking. During the fishing season, it is possible to observe fly fishermen standing up to their hips in the water.

Lastly, for anyone motivated ; don’t forget your towel and swimsuit. Taking a dip and standing underneath the roaring waterfall is very refreshing !

Between Lutry and St-Saphorin, through the vineyards

When overlooking the Lavaux-region – a UNESCO world heritage site – the setting is simply magical. Vineyards as far as the eye can see, and many small, atypical villages with famous names.

Throughout the region you are allowed to walk the vineyard trails at your leisure. Start your journey from any point. However, we recommend the villages of Aran, Grandvaux, Châtelard, Epesse, Riex or Cully.

Many of the paths are easily accessible by bike. But do be warned ; at times the climb can be pretty steep ! Whether on foot or on bike, the view of the landscape, the Lake and the alps in the background is breathtaking.

And if you want to surprise someone with a nice little picnic-aperitif, be aware that along the trail through the vineyards some of the region’s winegrowers have installed small fridges which they stock with bottles filled with the vine from the very estate your walking on. These bottles can be bought by leaving the cash as indicated. But do take note that this sales transaction is based on mutual trust. As such, you are asked to respect the payment instructions. Unfortunately, nowadays you won’t find many of these small fridges left, because there are always people that ”forget” to pay !

PS : The Lavaux-region is a great place for a romantic getaway !

La Tine de Conflens

This is a nice stroll along the water of the river Venoge.

After you parked in the town of « La Sarraz », walk down towards the river Venoge. Once there, turn left at the bridge and then it’s all the way straight ahead. All that’s left to do is enjoy the sights. 

For courageous folks, during the summer season, it is possible to safely swim in the river – preferably in shallow places where the flow of the river isn’t too strong.

Along the lake between Lutry and Vidy

Just after leaving the town of Ouchy you’ll find well maintained pathways along the lakeside between Lutry and Vidy. Walking, riding a bike or travelling on rollerblades, everybody finds happiness here. In some place skateboarding is also possible.

Quiet beaches where you can rest, stage a picnic or take a dip in the water can be found everywhere. And once you pass the port of Pully in the direction of Ouchy, there are plenty of ice-cream vendors where you can refresh yourself.

The Tower of Sauvablin

Have you heard of this wonderful patch of nature hidden away on the heights of Lausanne ? The Parc de Sauvabelin with its imposing observation tower that offers a breathtaking view of the Olympic city.

The Sauvablin Tower is located in the park of the same name with its very own forest, a small lake, a zoo and playground for children. The tower ascent takes about 15 minutes. As soon as you clear the trees, the 360° panorama provides you with a wonderful view of the area. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the landscape – especially during autumn-time with all the splendid colors. Don’t forget to bring along binoculars !

Note that dogs are not allowed in the entire park area.

Come and discover these wonderful hikes form our hotel Maison Igor. Discover our hotel, our stunning bedrooms and our team. Let yourself tempted by booking one of our suites or by offering a super gift voucher to your family and/or friends ! Looking forward to meet you at Maison D’Igor !

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