Formerly a family home with a warm atmosphere, the beautiful building will be transformed into a hotel in 2012. Its nineteenth and twentieth century features, including woodwork, sculptures, stuccoes, fireplace and other fountains have been completely renovated and preserved. A unique charm!
A century ago, it was in Morges that Igor Stravinsky decided to settle down to be inspired by the calm and beauty of the place. Inhabiting this beautiful residence from 1915 to 1917, it was during this period that he composed his most remarkable works such as Pulcinella, Les Noces, Renard, L’Histoire du Soldat and many other works that make him famous today. Enough to leave a true musical past in the house that can be felt in every corner… 

Discover the team that knew how to transform this magnificent building into a place of warm welcome!

Catherine Dreyfus

Co-Founder + Co-General Manager of La Maison d’Igor

Meet Catherine, born in Lausanne and Swiss by birth. Manager and founder of the hotel, she has been part of the adventure since the beginning, in 2012. 

“My adventure at the Maison d’Igor began with the desire to revive this beautiful house, which is also the family home where my mother was born. I wanted to be able to share with people a unique place in Morges. I particularly appreciate that the house is perfectly arranged to welcome people and offers charming spaces with a lot of character.”

Could you describe the hotel in three words ?

“Meeting, unusual, unique !”

Héloïse Barbey

Co-Founder + Co-General Manager of La Maison d’Igor

Friendship above all

Meet Heloise, the co-director and co-founder of the Maison d’Igor. Of Swiss origin, she was born in Mazamet, France.

“Present since 2012, this adventure began with a story of friendship and then with the desire to transform this beautiful house into a welcoming place. For me, the House of Igor is a magnificent place and a magnificent work tool. I particularly appreciate its beauty, its warm atmosphere and its garden.”

Could you describe the hotel in three words ?

“Warm, atypical and timeless!

Anne-Marie Amarente La Puente

Our home fairy

Meet Anne Marie, our housekeeper and fairy of the house. Coming from Romania, she has been working at La Maison d’Igor since its opening and joined the adventure recommended by a friend of Catherine.

“Today, Maison d’Igor is like a second home for me and I particularly appreciate the team and the beauty of this place.”

Could you describe the hotel in three words ?

“Beautiful, original and warm !”

Arthur Vieille

Customer satisfaction is my priority

(Min. 8 people)

Meet Arthur Vieille, our administrative assistant at the reception. Originally from France, he is just finishing his hotel studies and has been working at La Maison d’Igor since August 2021.


“After attending a hotel school in France, then in Switzerland, I found my way into this beautiful house that radiates peacefulness and has a strong history.


La Maison d’Igor is very different from a classic hotel. It is a family establishment – small and personal and with many challenges! These are the elements that attracted me and what I love most about my job.”


La Maison d’Igor in 3 words?



“Timeless, Peaceful and Exciting!” 

Linda Lacroix

Ensuring that everything goes well

Meet Linda Lacroix, our administrative collaborator. Of Canadian origin, she comes from Quebec in the Montreal area and has been working at the Maison d’Igor since February 2015.

“ I was seduced by this establishment from the very first time I set foot there! Newly established in Switzerland, I wanted to celebrate my wedding in this beautiful house but unfortunately, the desired date was not available.
Being in the middle of a job search at the time, I did however get a job at the reception!
The team is like a second family to me and this place is like my vacation home! The garden particularly fills me up and finding myself there to maintain and beautify it is a source of pure happiness. The hours pass there too quickly.”

Could you describe the hotel in three words ?

“Inspiring, unique and Zen !”