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The Wine region + wine tourism

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The wine produced in the Morges region will satisfy even the most experienced wine lovers. In fact, the La Côte vineyards are the canton’s biggest area where grapes are grown, with some 24 different varieties thriving along the sunny lake shore. Whilst the best known among them is certainly the Chasselas, the Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes can also be found there. They make for a fruity rosé and / or a delicate red wine.

And with the vineyards there come a multitude of lovely little villages where wine is produced. Most of them are located along the more than 50km of dedicated vineyard route. There, winemakers will gladly open the doors to their estate, sharing their knowledge of winemaking and their love to the profession. And of course, you can also visit one of the many authentic wine cellars ; for example in Féchy, Bursins, or Echichens… to name only a few of them. There you can taste an exceptional wine – presented to you by members of the local winemaker family in person.

You can take an interesting wine tour with the help of a SmartPhone app. You can also get to know the local winemakers who talk about their work, and what it takes to produce an exceptional wine. Find out more :

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